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National Institute of Public Heath – National Institute of Hygiene (NIPH-NIH), which is the oldest public heath institution in Poland, was created just a few days after the proclamation of the independence of Poland, on 21 November 1918. Together with changes in health and political situation and the development of medical science, the Institute’s functions were also evolving. It has always, however, been performing activities, of a practical and intervention as well as scientific and training nature, in several domains of public health.

At present, the scope of scientific interests of the Institute encompasses issues connected with the prevention of infectious diseases and socially important non-infectious diseases, the monitoring of the population’s health situation, the improvement of hygiene and sanitary conditions as well as the safety of natural environment. The NIPH-NIH is also an important centre of monitoring safety of food and objects of common use.

Moreover, an important part of the NIPH-NIH’s activities constitute: broadly defined health promotion and training specialists in public health. The Institute cooperates with many similar organizations, both national and international (WHO,DG Sanco, ECDC). The Institute also prepares expert’s reports concerning the broadly defined public health for government institutions and participates in the process of creating vital programs concerning public health in Poland (such as the National Health Program 2007-2015 and its monitoring).