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Laboratory of Immunological Preparations

Head of Unit

dr hab. Ewa Augustynowicz, prof. nadzw. NIZP-PZH

Laboratory staff
mgr Aldona Wiatrzyk
mgr Katarzyna Krysztopa-Grzybowska
mgr inż. Maciej Polak
mgr Klaudia Brodzik


  1. Laboratory qualitative study of immunological products or blood products in the field of activity, identity and security.
    2. Review the documentation constituting the basis for issuing a marketing authorization for compliance with the findings contained in the records of the production of a series of immunological product or disseminated infection in order to obtain a judgment about its authorization.
    3. The development, validation and implementation of methods for quality immunological products, blood products and biologicals.
    4. Evaluation of the quality of medicinal products, food supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes for human use containing probiotics using microbiological methods accredited by the PCA.
    5. Laboratory tests of safety of probiotics.
    6. The implementation and supervision of the quality management system in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025
    7. Supervision over the implementation of the recommendations of the network of laboratories OMCL.