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Vaccines Evaluation Unit

Head of Unit

mgr Marta Prygiel

Laboratory staff

dr n. med. Ewa Mosiej
tech. Izabela Skrzypkowska
tech. Beata Lewandowska
Barbara Kuklińska


  1. Laboratory qualitative study of vaccines and preparations for immunotherapy in the field of activity (power), identity and security.
    2. Review the documentation constituting the basis for issuing a marketing authorization for compliance with the findings contained in the records of the production of a series of immunological product to obtain a decision on its authorization.
    3. The development, validation and implementation of biological, microbiological and serological tests required to assess the activity (power) safety and immunological medicinal products.
    4. Identification of vaccine antigens by conventional methods.
    5. Experimental research on alternative methods for assessment of vaccines in line with the principle of 3R.