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National Influenza Center

Head of Department
prof. dr hab. Lidia B. Brydak

Deputy Manager
Dr hab. Aleksander Masny

, IV floor


Dr Jolanta Rybczyńska
Mgr inż. Katarzyna Kondriatiuk
Mgr Ewelina Hallmann-Szelińska
Mgr Katarzyna Łuniewska
Mgr Karol Szymański


National Influenza Center, designated by the Minister of Health, is one of 117 Centers working in 88 countries and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Simultaneously, the National Influenza Center is the only one institution of that kind in Poland, thus is a reference center for influenza on the national level. The National Influenza Center collaborates with WHO and is a member of the international scientific networks as the European Influenza Surveillance Scheme (EISS), Community Network of Reference Laboratories for Human Influenza in Europe (CNRL) and FluNet (Global Influenza Surveillance Network WHO). The regular tasks and duties of the National Influenza Center are the following:

  1. to perform virological surveillance of influenza,
  2. to perform antigenic analysis of the influenza strains isolated in the National Influenza Center as well as in the local laboratories of the Voivodship Sanitary-Epidemiological Stations (VSESs),
  3. to maintain exchange of information with WHO Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Influenza in London, including informing of the isolated influenza virus strains and sending of these isolates for more detailed analysis,
  4. to coordinate, at the national level, integrated virological and epidemiological influenza surveillance SENTINEL, where the participants are VSESs and a representative number of family physicians,
  5. in the aim to maintain the appropriate quality of the influenza surveillance SENTINEL that is performed according to the guidelines prepared by the National Influenza Center, to verify methods, procedures and instructions used by VSESs,
  6. to train laboratory staff of VSESs and physicians on laboratory methods regarding diagnostics of infections caused by influenza virus and other respiratory viruses, methods of the specimen collection, storage and transport of the specimens and other issues related with the SENTINEL influenza surveillance,
  7. to develop and update laboratory procedures and instructions regarding virological and epidemiological influenza surveillance in Poland as well as forms used by VSESs to prepare weekly epidemiological reports and weekly virological reports that are then sent to the National Influenza Center; these reports are the basis for weekly national reports that are prepared by the National Influenza Center and sent to FluNet (WHO) and EISS,
  8. to prepare weekly collective reports with virological and epidemiological data for the entire country to send to EISS and FluNet,
  9. to perform virological and serological diagnostics of influenza and influenza-like infections,
  10. to assess immunity of the population for the influenza virus strains circulating in a given epidemic season in Poland by serological surveys,
  11. to perform national control of influenza vaccines available in Poland in each epidemic season and giving opinions on such preparations,
  12. to perform, together with clinicians, studies on the immunological response to influenza vaccination in patients from high-risk groups,
  13. to work in the area of the national preparedness for influenza pandemic,
  14. to take various actions regarding public health issues in the aim to increase influenza vaccination rates in Poland through the promotion of credible knowledge on influenza, its prophylaxis and threats of avian influenza and pandemic influenza.




  1. reports on influenza and influenza-like cases in Poland (current and archival)
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. WHO Global Atlas of Infectious Diseases
  4. WHO website on seasonal influenza activity in the world
  5. WHO website of Regional Office for Europe on seasonal influenza and avian influenza
  6. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
  7. wersja angielska CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA) website on influenza
  8. website of U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services on avian influenza and influenza pandemic
  9. European Influenza Surveillance Scheme (EISS)